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Welcome to the Paper Revolution!(TM)

PaperDisk is a powerful new technology allowing you to store and communicate digital information on paper.

PaperDisk prints special patterns that can carry any type of computer file: text, spreadsheets, graphics, database entries, audio, video, etc. You then retrieve the files using an ordinary scanner or digital camera. PaperDisk has encoded in a single printed pattern 1 megabyte compressed (originally 4MB of text) within an 8.5 by 11 inch space .

PaperDisk, from inception, was designed expressly to connect the world of print to any type of digital resource, including the web.

PaperDisk has also been implemented on camera phones such as the Nokia 6680, 3650, and 7650, together with APIs for encoding on a desktop and decoding on the client phone. PaperDisk can be used on camera phones without add-on lenses.